About Us

Peve Comms Solutions Limited is a registered Training and Consultancy Firm under the companies Act (Cap 486) with its Headquarter in Nairobi. Our programs are fully accredited by NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) REG: NITA/TRN/1135.

Our Heritage is the consistency and efficiency we have upheld in delivering quality training programs. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence and giving quality personalized services in all training matters. We are constantly looking beyond customers’ and society’s expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed.

Our consultants are fully certified and have a broad range of experience covering the private, public and voluntary sectors, and are committed to delivering fast and effective high quality services. We help our clients reach the audiences that matter most to them by building good rapport between our clients and target audience.

We pride ourselves on providing prestige and quality solutions to the exact requirements of our clients. Our services are therefore specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each individual organisation and situation. We’re creative and honest about what we can achieve and dedicated to producing results and one-of-a kind solutions. We set high standards and measurable objectives at the start of every campaign and remain accountable from day one.

We have expanded considerably since our start-up days and retained same energy and drive. Our team have diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skills such as ICT, Public relations, Management, communications skills, Social knowledge among others. Our trainers have more than 20 years' global experience accumulatively. We are committed to raising the level of talent and skills within the East African workplace, enhancing individual's career prospects and helping companies to succeed.

Core Values




There is no one size fits all recommendation. We work with each client to develop carefully researched and intelligent campaigns that match their precise needs.




Culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation related to how we provide our professional services.




We deliver what we say we will, set realistic expectations and are candid about what we can accomplish.




We work hard to help our clients achieve their commercial objectives and ensure each member of our team fulfills their full potential.




Whether with clients, media or colleagues building strong relationships lies at the heart of what we do. We place great importance on developing and maintaining these.

Our Services

We have highly qualified professionals who will establish your position in the market and assist you in setting departmental goals and plans to develop your various products.

Customer Service & Public Relations

To equip participants with appropriate public relation and customer service techniques for effective service delivery.

Office Management

To empower participants with office management skills, knowledge and values for improved service delivery.

Team Building and Motivational Speaking

Through an interactive learning experience, team members identify ways to enhance their job performance and satisfaction.

Leadership/Change and Knowledge Management

How to successfully deal with the fast pace of change in your work.

Communication Skills Development

To enable participants to develop skills for effective communication at the work place

Strategic Human Resource Management And Development

To equip participants with skills, knowledge and values for effective management of people at the work place..

Basic Computer Security And Maintenance

Knowledge and skills necessary for enhancing safety of information and carrying out basic Computer maintenance..

Management Course for Social Development Workers

To equip participants with knowledge, skills and values for effective service delivery to facilitate sustainable social development.

Performance Management

To empower participants to improve their organizations service delivery by promoting a higher level of staff participation in planning, delivery and evaluation of work performance

Training of Trainers for Entrepreneurship

To impart knowledge and skills to trainers of entrepreneurship development for effective design and delivery of training.

Public Procurement

The course is intended to create a clear understanding and appreciation of public procurement.

Records Management

To equip participants with the records management skills for effective service delivery.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Increased confidence when speaking in public.

Why Train With Us

  • Well researched training programs customized to the needs of clients delivered through open house and in-house respectively.
  • Our programs are delivered by highly experienced professionals in their area of expertise.
  • Peve Comms Solutions Ltd partners with some of the best institutions in the areas of business and technical capacity development.
  • All our programs go through above average quality check to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Our courses are accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority and thus reimbursable. Our NITA registration is NITA/TRN/1135.

Our Clients


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